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-HGS- Some students of Secondary Section from the batches of 2011, 2012 and 2013 have still not collected their copies of the Yearbook. Please do so at the earliest from the office of the Secondary Section. -
Habib Girls School

The culture and work environment of any organisation, no less a school, are an expression of its values. Very often it reflects the values of its leaders. Some salient features of Habib Girls School culture are enumerated below:

Respect: To respect others both as persons and as professionals.

Equity: There are no favourites. Equal treatment for equal performance.

Support: There is always someone there to tell you how.

Team spirit:  Working together and often standing for one another.

Enjoyment: The Habib Girls family enjoy both its environment and its work.

Love the students: Love and respect for the students.

Over the years, Habib Girls School is not just another school. It is a way of life for most of its staff and students.


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